March 18, 2017


I started my career in radio as a volunteer audio producer, eventually moving my way up to Production Manger, and I now work as the Programming Manager at GaySA Radio.

My work has included:

Podcast production, designing and executing ad campaigns, content production, podcast production as well as extensive work training community radio broadcasters on the various aspects of radio with specific focus on technical production.

Past clients include:

Red Bull X-Fighters, Park Acoustics, Ster Kinekor, Protea Hotels, Pink Loerie Festival, The Brazilian Embassy,, The Dark Carnival, Geekfest and Foo Fighters Live in SA.

One of my biggest career highlights so far is winning the 2015 MTN Radio Award for Station Packaging while working at TuksFM.

Ethan Baird MTN

I use the following software:

  • Adobe Audition (Audio Production)
  • Ableton Live (Music Production)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Image editing)
  • Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects (Video Editing)
  • Genesys (Radio Programming)
  • Powergold (Music Scheduling)

You can read my full CV here:

Ethan Baird CV 2017